TimberRec Best Rest Double Nest Hammock - Studio Photo

Timber Recreation

Bringing you the TimberRec Best Rest

Double Nest Hammock!

Made of light-weight but strong parachute fabric.  Additional stitching has been added to the hammock and stuff bag to increase its strength and durability.

TimberRec Hammocks are made with extra room and made to last!

TimberRec Best Rest Double Nest Hammock Stuff Bag

TimberRec Best Rest Double Nest Hammock - Light-weight



Light-weight Construction:

Add your hammock to your pack

without worrying about how much

weight it’s adding!



TimberRec Best Rest Double Nest Hammock - Durable Construction


Durable Construction:

Additional stitching allows your hammock to

 hold up to 400lbs!

The Stuff Bag also has additional stitching

to extend its usefulness!


TimberRec Best Rest Hammock - Compact Size - Football



Compact Storage:

Your hammock is stored in an attached

stuff bag which, when stuffed, is about the size

of a football. We’ve given you some extra room

in the stuff bag too, for tree straps

or other supplies.



TimberRec Best Rest Hammock - in woods





you’re hammock was made for the forest!



TimberRec Best Rest Double Nest Hammock - on Beach




It’s also ideal for lounging at the beach!



TimberRec Best Rest Double Nest Hammock - On Bridge



And of Course,

you can use it Anywhere!



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We love The Great Outdoors and want to you to love it too!  That’s why we’re providing you with quality outdoor gear which makes your time in the outdoors enjoyable.

Timber Recreation is a family owned business in the Rocky Mountains.  We’re particularly fond of the Unita Mountain Range with a family tradition of camping, hiking, and even horseback riding in those mountains.


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